Horus warns it will withdraw its experts from Termoelectrica if attacks do not stop

The group of companies Horus will submit an open letter to the senior administration whereby it will present its viewpoint and will mention the risks deriving from the denigrating attacks aimed at the company following the incident at Termoelectrica. According to representatives of Horus, the incident has nothing to do with the tasks carried out by Horus Energy during the repair works on Cogeneration Unit No. 3.

“We publicly warn, and this is not blackmail or threat, that if the attacks on Horus do not stop, we will withdraw our technicians and engineers from Termoelectrica. We will bring this subject to a clear end. At the moment, Horus works voluntarily to remedy the consequences of the accident, but we are even attacked with impertinence,” Mihai Godea, Horus development director, stated in a news conference organized by IPN.

According to him, the Horus group of companies was subject to dirty attacks full of lies and manipulation by useful idiots who read from a sheet of paper what others wrote for them without realizing what they read. “For over two weeks, we have waited for communication with the responsible institutions on the situation created at Cogeneration Unit No. 3, Source 1, as we do not have any connection with what has happened and we specified this on the day the information about the accident was made public. We regret the delay as Horus in the period became the target of dirty attacks on the part of disloyal businessmen who are behind these dirty campaigns. Moreover, we think these attacks are motivated by the internal struggles in the PAS. We underline that we are not interested in politics and in internal party struggles and demand not to be involved in their wars,” stated Mihai Godea.

Mihai Pasecinic, Horus Energy technical director, provided details about the executed works and about the situation at Termoelectrica. “The cogeneration units of Termoelectrica are old, include old equipment and have been used long. The equipment remains functional due to efforts of Termoelectrica specialists. Such accidents occur often and last year they were also witnessed. The current incident bears no relation to the works performed by our company,” he stated.

Alesea Gotînjanu, head of the Legal Department of Horus Energy, made reference to the conclusions of two preliminary reports on the incident.  “Both of the reports provide that the fissure appeared in a pipe that wasn’t covered by the repair works. The reports produced so far show there is no connection with the works executed by Horus. Termoelectrica already asked our company to help with the repair work following the created situation, but this volume of work is not the subject of a contract,” stated Alesea Gotînjanu.

Note: IPN News Agency gives the right of reply to persons who consider they were touched by the news items produced based on statements of the organizers of the given news conference, including by facilitating the organization of another news conference in similar conditions.

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