HORUS Energy’s reaction to attacks of rival company. “The try to influence results of tender”

The Moldovan company “HORUS” LLC, being part of “HORUS ENERGY” brand and international holding “PROMINVEST DEVELOPMENT” LTD – United Kingdom, became the target of serious attacks and a widespread disinformation campaign. With denigrating articles, fake news, lies and other vile actions, they try to influence the results of an international tender that will take in August 2021, when the company that will reconstruct the other generation units of “Termoelectrica” JSC will be selected, after the successful realization by our company of a similar project, in 2019, at the generation Unit nr.1. The country’s energy security and the supply of electricity, heating energy and hot water to the citizens of Chisinau depend on the result of this tender, IPN reports, quoting a press release of the company.

The fake news published by several media institutions, seriously damage the company's image and bring unfounded accusations against “HORUS ENERGY” regarding the quality of the works carried out by the company at generation Unit no. 1 of "Termoelectrica" JSC.

“In this context, we mention that the modernized generation Unit no. 1 by “HORUS ENERGY”, “Termoelectrica” JSC saves 40 million lei annually and the total investment of around 240 million lei will be recovered within 7 years. In this project, “HORUS ENERGY”, together with OEM of the generation Unit no. 1, Power machines, ensured the increase of thermal productivity and electrical power, substantially reduced harmful emissions, eliminated the risks of possible damage, prolonged equipment’s lifetime, etc.” said the company.

“After the implementation of the modernization project of the generation Unit nr.1, we obtained the following results, confirmed by independent experts of international stature: improving the combustion process and increasing the efficiency of the steam boiler by 2%; improving the handling capacity and increasing the turbine efficiency by 2%, a very good result; extending the operation lifetime of the turbine’s high pressure cylinder by at least 8 years (or 50,000 hours), and of the medium and low pressure cylinder by 40 years (or 200,000 hours), increasing the thermal productivity by 1.6 times from 100, to 168 Gcal/h and the rated electric power from 80, to 98 MW in optimal (heating) operating mode. The economic and ergonomic effects of the control and monitoring system have been achieved mainly due to the contemporary European automation and control systems based on the Siemens AG equipment. All these achievements have made and make possible savings of 40 million lei annually, according to the project manager of “HORUS ENERGY” Mihail Pasecinic.

According to the quoted source, the quality of the works carried out by “HORUS ENERGY” - Republic of Moldova, but also their full compliance with the project specifications, are confirmed by the expertise of the independent energy company “Lvov ORGRES” from Ukraine.

“This project was a huge energy achievement for the Republic of Moldova. It was implemented without causing increases in electricity and heat tariffs for consumers. Moreover, during its implementation period, the electricity tariff was reduced.”

“HORUS ENERGY” has been operating on the market for over 25 years, during all time it has carried out hundreds of energy projects and enjoys an impeccable reputation. The works made by our company have been tested by international companies and institutions, independent experts, who have always confirmed their high quality. We are now the target of rude attacks from a company that is trying to enter the market, even if it does not have the necessary capabilities and experience and that uses methods that have nothing in common with the law, professionalism and common sense,” said the CEO of “HORUS ENERGY” Valentin Balan.

“We consider that the purpose of the organizers of this denigration campaign is to win a tender announced for the modernization of generation Unit No. 2 and the major overhaul of generation Unit.  No. 3 of “Termoelectrica” JSC, trying to discredit the experienced participants and portfolio. The representatives of that company tried to participate in the tender in a consortium with “HORUS ENERGY”. The proposal was rejected due to the technical, logistical and professional incapacities of the company. It is currently seeking revenge and influencing the results of the tender through such actions.

The company noted “HORUS ENERGY” will soon release more evidence and new details about that company and its illegal actions.

According to the press release, the holding company “HORUS ENERGY” was founded in 1993 and is part of the international holding company “PROMINVEST DEVELOPMENT” LTD. The company is a regional representative of the “Power Machines” concern in the CIS countries and in Romania, acting with exclusive rights in many projects. HORUS ENERGY is the main contractor in the implementation of thermal energy projects financed by the EBRD and the World Bank in the Republic of Moldova. “HORUS ENERGY” currently offers over 600 jobs and pays taxes of tens of millions of lei annually.

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