Health minister: Government prepared package of services for former deportees

The Government will provide an annual package of services for maintaining the health of former deportees, Minister of Health, Labor and Social Protection Svetlana Cebotari stated in the talk show “Issue of the day” on Canal 2 channel, IPN reports.

The minister said the Government decided that the deported persons deserve to enjoy social protection and health rehabilitation services. “The conditions to which these persons were subject were inhuman. These conditions definitely left an imprint on the persons’ state of health. Therefore, the Government prepared a package of services that will be annually provided to these persons for assessing and monitoring their state of health. If chronic diseases are identified, treatment and rehabilitation services will also be offered,” noted Svetlana Cebotari.

Historian Ion Varta said the first wave of deportations involved all those who formed part of the political parties of the royal Romania in the interwar period, who held posts of mayors and secretaries, who were labeled as large landowners and all runaways from the former Soviet Union who found refuge in Romania after the civil war. The second wave targeted the peasants who refused to enroll in the so-called kolkhozes. “A wise peasant could not voluntarily accept to transfer all their property to collective farms,” stated Ion Varta.

According to the Association of Former Deportees and Political Detainees of Moldova, more than 94,700 persons were deported. Of these, 7,680 former deportees are yet alive in Moldova, by 450 fewer than last year. There were three large deportation waves - in June 1941, in July 1949 and in April 1951.

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