Grosu denies reports of collusion with ex-prosecutor Viorel Morari

PAS acting president Igor Grosu denies allegations that Viorel Morari, the disgraced former Anticorruption Chief Prosecutor, helped draft PAS lawmaker Lilian Carp’s complaint that led to a criminal probe against Prosecutor General Alexandr Stoianoglo. Grosu says the rumors were started by PAS’s political rivals, and that the party can have nothing in common with a figure that is “a perfect embodiment of the Plahotniuc era”.

One of the charges against the suspended Prosecutor General is abuse of office. This has to do with the period when Stoianoglo, as chair of Parliament’s security committee, endorsed a bill that subsequently facilitated the infamous Russian Laundromat in Moldova. According to Grosu, every lawmaker should be responsible for the amendments he or she promotes in Parliament.

“When someone sneaks in legal amendments that have nothing to do with a bill’s subject matter, things must be analyzed very carefully; this is the responsibility of every lawmaker. It’s now up to the judges to decide whether it was done on purpose or not. It’s not right to hide behind collective responsibility. The roots of that amendment need to be investigated”, said Igor Grosu during the RTR talk show „Пятница с Анатолием Голя”.

Also, Grosu denied any collusion of his party with the ex-prosecutor Viorel Morari. This comes after Ion Diacov, a former Chisinau chief prosecutor, claimed that the ruling party solicited Viorel Morari’s help and let him use this opportunity to retaliate for the criminal probe started by Stoianoglo.

“Viorel Morari is a perfect embodiment of the Plahotniuc era, and we do not discuss or cooperate with such figures. It’s a fake started by the Socialists or by the fugitives who previously governed together, started criminal cases together, and did business together. At one point, all these fugitives who benefited from the protection of the Prosecutor General’s Office fell out, and we aren’t interested in their disputes at all. All we want is to have justice”, added Grosu.

Alexandr Stoianoglo, who denies any wrongdoing, yesterday was placed under house arrest for 30 days as the investigation continues.

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