Grigore Novac: We promise that pensions will be indexed by at least 20%

The team of the Electoral Bloc of the Communists and the Socialists (BeCS) in time proved that it is the most professional one and has the capacity to cope with the most difficult crises, said the bloc’s candidate for MP Grigore Novac. In the fourth electoral debate staged by IPN, Novac said the improvement of living conditions for the citizens is the bloc’s key priority and this objective can be achieved by economic recovery.

When they enter Parliament, the representatives of the Communists and the Socialists will continue to raise the salaries of doctors and teachers, as the previous Parliament started to do.  To ensure economic recovery, the PCRM-PSRM bloc will develop industrial platforms, will launch large projects in infrastructure that would generate incomes into the state budget and would encourage foreign investors to start businesses in the Republic of Moldova.

“We lay emphasis on the improvement of the life of citizens. We already started to raise salaries for health workers and have the same plans for other social categories, such as students and pensioners. Pensions will be indexed by at least 20% annually,” stated Grigore Novac.

He noted that the initiative to lower the retirement age is beneficial, even if it is intensely criticized by the pro-European parties, which assert that this issue wasn’t agreed with the country’s foreign financial partners, the IMF and the World Bank.

“The PSRM was the author of the bill by which the retirement age of 63 years for men and women was reduced to 57 for women and to 62 for men. We considered such a move is opportune and in accordance with people’s interests. We also took into account the life expectancy indicators that are not very good,” said Novac, noting that choosing between what the IMF wants and what the people want, they decided in favor of the people.

He also said that the team of BeCS promotes the traditional values, the strengthening of Moldova’s statehood and protection of Orthodoxy. They showed in time that they can cope with challenges. “We overcame drought, floods, the pandemic and are not afraid to look into the people’s eyes. We urge the citizens not to believe nice and empty words, but to elect people who showed their professionalism,” stated Grigore Novac.

In the July 11 snap parliamentary elections, the Electoral Bloc of the Communists and the Socialists will be under No. 6. The fourth electoral debate of the series “Analyzing Electoral Supply and Demand-2021” also involved the representative of the Electoral Bloc “RENATO USATÎI” and the Building Europe at Home Party “PACE”.

IPN’s fifth electoral debate set for July 5, 11:15am, will feature the election contenders Veaceslav Valico (independent candidate) and the Party of Regions of Moldova.

IPN Agency stages the electoral debates as part of the series “Developing Political Culture though Public Debates”, with support from the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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