Grigore Novac: Parliament focuses on quality, not quantity

Grigore Novac, member of the Socialist Party group, holds the opinion that the first session of the current Parliament was too short to have had outstanding results. However, during the ordinary session, but also in the extraordinary session, many achievements have been made. "Of course, deputies wanted more, but in the end it is not a competition for quantity, emphasis should be laid on the quality of the projects promoted," Grigore Novac said. The opinion was expressed during the public debate on the topic: "Summing up of the results of the new Parliament’s first session: the good and the bad", organized by IPN and Radio Moldova.

The Socialist states that during the last period, deputies focused on certain matters, without which it wouldn’t have been possible to move further. For these reasons, he believes, Parliament's ability to work and show notable results is only to be manifested in the next session.

In his opinion, it certainly took too long to form the Parliament's working bodies. On June 8, deputies were forced to work even in the dark and this surprised the ambassadors present at the meeting. The parliamentarian says that it is clear that the power cuts were an order issued by the former government. But even so, the formation of the governing bodies, the formation of the profile commissions, etc. were accomplished in the end.

Providing a reply to Vladimir Cebotari, Democrat deputy, Grigore Novac said that the Democrats contributed to the external isolation of the Republic of Moldova. "It was their fault that external partners did not want to discuss with PDM and the Government at that time, as they lied and nobody took them seriously anymore," he said.

The PSRM deputy criticized the judicial system’s activity during the time of the democratic party’s governance, noting that the PDM started optimizing judicial maps. "You, those who have denied justice to the citizens, now blame us for what happened at the prosecution’s office. Didn't some 600 prosecutors sign a statement in support of  PDM? How can one claim that the prosecutor's office was depoliticized," Grigore Novac said.

The MP believes that letter was signed by prosecutors on the order of the former government. "Here is a structure that should be out of politics, it shows that it is subordinated when it signs political statements. And they didn't sign because they love PDM, but such were the directions. How can you talk about success in the field of justice?” the Socialist said.

In reply to the Democratic MP’s claim that the government threatens the opposition with arrests, Grigore Novac believes that these statements are just an attempt to victimize oneself. He says that until now no one was arrested because it was not clear who was guilty and who was not. "When we sort it out, then we will take steps, there are committees of inquiry, investigations underway; we do not want to blindly lock up everybody in order to please somebody. There must be a fair investigation so that every citizen is charged according to the law, " the PSRM deputy said.

The public debate titled "Summing up of the results of the new Parliament’s first session: the good and the bad" is the 115th installment of the "Developing Political Culture through Public Debates" Series, held with the support of the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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