Government should be firm, but also intelligent, opinion

Igor Boțan, executive director of the Association for Participatory Democracy ADEPT, said the government and the opposition have different tasks. The authorities should fulfill their duties, while the opposition, even if it is a state of emergency, should be critical of what the authorities do. Despite the made efforts, the authorities also make mistakes and these mistakes become evident when the government now says one thing, but changes its viewpoint tomorrow, IPN reports.

In an interview for RFE/RL’s Moldovan Service, Igor Boțan said that it happened so in relation to the diaspora. There was no need for the representatives of the government to intervene the way they did to explain to the people what obligation they have and to antagonize them.

“Namely the representatives of the government influence the citizens to intervene. Mister President does this and Mister Prime Minister also does this. The political dialogue, even if contradictory, should exist as we face such a situation for the first time. The government should be firm, but also intelligent and should benevolently explain to the people that any ideas that can help improve the fight against COVID-19 are welcome in the current situation, including from the opposition,” stated the analyst.

According to him, the opposition has the right to put questions. “Why did the Government assume responsibility for particular laws amid the pandemic when the administration is fully in the hands of the Commission for Exceptional Situations? When Parliament is not functional and we have a state of emergency, why does the Government assume responsibility for bills that will have an impact during many years to come if it should now focus on the problems related to the fight against pandemic,” stated Igor Boțan.

He noted it is important for the power and the opposition to fulfill their duties, for the government and the authorities to rule and ensure protection for the people, while the opposition, if it sees that things do not stand well, should point to the mistakes within the limits of decency.

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