Government intends to build and repair 1400 km of national roads

The government intends to build and repair 1400 kilometers of national roads, with investments estimated at 1 billion 400 million euros. On Monday, at the press conference held after the trilateral meeting of the country's President, the Speaker of the Parliament and the Prime minister, Prime minister Ion Chicu has said that in the next period the Government will focus on completing the road works that have been started. The total length of these roads is of 426 km and the overall cost constitutes 319 million euros, IPN reports.

For the road sections undergoing repairs (the R1 route Chisinau-Ungheni, R33 Hâncești-Lăpușna, Bălți-Fălești-Sculeni, Chisinau-Cimișlia-Comrat-Giurgiulești) the term of putting into operation is 2020 or 2021.

Tenders for another 208 km of road have been initiated, the estimated cost amounting to 116 million euros. These are the Hâncești-Leova-Cahul route, the Dobrușa-Scorțeni corridor, the Pârlița-Nisporeni corridor, etc., representing projects funded by the EBRD, the World Bank.

Another category includes the road sectors for which blueprints have been drawn up that require the identification of financial sources. This category comprises 420 km of road, with the cost of 333 million euros. It concerns the Chisinau-Cimișlia-Comrat-Giurgiulești route, the Criva-Bălți route, the ring road of Chisinau municipality.

The fourth category is composed of the road sectors that need repairs which were identified within the framework of a study. For the time being there are no blueprints or money for them. For the 786 km of roads, the estimated cost is of 742 million euros. These are the road sectors Leușeni-Chisinau-Dubăsari, Criva-Bălți etc.

The prime minister specifies that, in addition to the money from the budget, the government is counting on three other sources of financing: money from international institutions, bilateral loans, but also money coming from international markets, as Moldova intends to enter these markets next year by issuing securities.

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