Government expands the strengthening of agricultural plots

The strengthening of agricultural lands will be the object of a complex economic, juridical, technical, organizational and ecological measure undertaken by the Government within the Governmental program published recently in the “Official Monitor”. The Executive affirms that all the measures are directed to rational use of agricultural fields, increasing the efficiency of the agricultural area on the whole and as a result of the life level in rural communities. According to the Governmental program, in the strengthening process, a special attention will be drawn to individual farms, which continue to be small, with an average area of 1.5 ha, but have a considerable potential (about 40% of the agricultural lands in Moldova). The Government states that the process of land strengthening will be performed only on the principle of free consent and by respecting all the interests of the plots owners from the locality. At the same time, complex improvement measures will be undertaken. The activities aimed to strengthen the agricultural lands will develop in two stages: in the first stage the legal framework will be elaborated and in the second stage – massive strengthening. The strengthening criteria, according to the program, will allow the landowners to invest in multiannual plantations, irrigation systems and other expenditures which can be recuperated in time. The juridical organization forms in the case of land strengthening are considered to be individual farms on based family property with 1 or 2 persons, Ltd., based on the rent of agricultural lands from small owners. Public authorities will be involved in the land strengthening process by creating land commissions which will have the task to solve the problems to appear. At the same time the program includes the elaboration of the legislative-normative framework for the evaluation of agricultural lands in order to strengthen and develop the land market, by strengthening the small lands through rent and sell-purchase. According to the Government, the program will be financed due to the sponsorships of economic agents, foundations, World Bank credits, technical assistance of international institutions, grants etc.

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