Government assumes responsibility for taking population support measures

The minimum monthly guaranteed income for families with low incomes was increased from 1,107 lei to 1,300 lei for the duration of the state of emergency. There was also raised the minimum monthly guaranteed income for each child, from 50% (553 lei) to 75% (975 lei). The measures are stipulated in the draft law on the institution of measures to support the citizens and entrepreneurial activities during the state of emergency and to amend particular normative documents for which the Government assumed responsibility before for Parliament on April 1, IPN reports.

According to Deputy Prime Minister Sergiu Pușcuța, Minister of Finance, the families that benefit from social assistance and this right expires during the state of emergencies will have the benefit extended until the state of emergency is lifted. During the period of emergency, the applicants for social welfare who cannot present confirmatory documents concerning incomes, farmland and structure of family will submit an own responsibility statement regarding the correctness of the data presented in the statement. This statement will be accepted when examining the possibility of providing social welfare.

The minimum employment benefit was set at 2,775 lei. Currently, the persons who register as unemployed, but do not meet the criteria for receiving benefit, do not get the benefit. Under the assumed bill, all the persons who will register at local employment offices will get a minimum of 2,775 lei a month.

Under the Constitution, the Government can assume responsibility before Parliament for a program, a general policy declaration or a bill. If a no-confidence motion is not submitted within three days, the program, general policy declaration or bill is considered adopted.

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