Gheorghe Cotorobai accused of kidnapping, not yet of murder

Former policeman Gheorghe Cotorobai, who is the main suspect in the case of Ana-Maria Guja - the six months pregnant 19-year-old girl from Orhei who was found dead in a locality of Telenești district after getting into the man’s car - is accused of kidnapping for now. Violina Moraru, spokeswoman for the Prosecutor General’s Office, has told IPN that the man will be charged with murder when sufficient evidence is accumulated. The Prosecutor’s Office strives to ensure that the criminal investigation is carried out as quickly as possible.

On April 12, the Orhei Police Inspectorate was notified of the disappearance of the six months pregnant 19-year-old girl, who allegedly got into a car on 31 August Street in Orhei town. On April 15, a criminal case was initiated over kidnapping of a person. Following the taken measures, the identity of the driver whose car the young woman boarded on the evening of April 12 was established and he was detained on April 16. The 45-year-old man was subsequently placed in custody for 30 days. He doesn’t admit guilt and doesn’t cooperate with the investigation body.

The young woman’s body was found on April 20 in a weeded area outside the built-up area of Chițcanii Vechi village of Telenești district, 21 kilometers away from the arrested man’s house. The Orhei Prosecutor’s Office started criminal proceedings over the intentional murder of the pregnant woman.

“Following the merger of the criminal cases and the administration of conclusive evidence, in accordance with Article 283 of the Code of Criminal Procedure – “Change and completion of the accusation” – the accused will have the indictment modified,” said Violina Moraru.

A postmortem examination was ordered. According to media reports, the young woman was tortured and subjected to sexual violence and she allegedly died due to an open craniocerebral trauma.

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