Gheorghe Cavcaliuc interviewed by Commission on the unconstitutional putsch

Gheorghe Cavcaliuc, former deputy chief of the General Police Inspectorate, was interviewed by the Inquiry Commission "for the elucidation of the factual and legal circumstances regarding the attempt of unconstitutional coup undertaken by the Democratic Party of Moldova through the Constitutional Court and the General Prosecutor's Office". According to the Commission chairman, PAS MP Mihai Popșoi, Gheorghe Cavcaliuc provided details regarding his professional activity between June 7-14, 2019. These details will be recorded in the final report, which will be ready by the end of the year.

According to Mihai Popșoi, today, October 8, the head of the Special Couriers Bureau, Valeriu Cemîrtan, as well as the chairperson of the Association of Prosecutors, Alexandru Gladco, were interviewed. Former General Secretary of the government, Lilia Palii, was invited, yet her invitation might have arrived only yesterday, thus she will be repeatedly invited for the next meeting of the Commission.

Mihai Popșoi said that the Democrats Sergiu Sârbu, Vladimir Cebotari and Igor Vremea did not attend the hearings, which means that they disregarded the will of the voters, who wish to know what happened in the June 7-14 period. The Commission chair claimed that he would have asked the MPs if they submitted notifications to the Constitutional Court based on their own initiative or upon party leadership request. The members of the Commission wanted to ask former Prime Minister Pavel Filip, who did not attend the hearing, what prompted him to sign the June 9 decree, by which he surrendered his right to the presidency and dissolved the Parliament, setting election date on the same day. "What was the rush? Who imposed it? Was it his personal belief", wondered the Commission members.

Mihai Popșoi claimed that despite the absence of the relevant persons, the Commission has collected a lot of information. The purpose of the Commission is to inform citizens. In the end, the report will be forwarded to the Prosecutor's Office, the MP explained.

In a press release, the PDM announced that the Democratic MPs will not participate in the "so-called witch hunt, set up by the PSRM-ACUM hybrid majority". According to the PDM, "the Inquiry Commission is in fact similar to the infamous NKVD troika and has the single purpose to intimidate and denigrate the main opposition force, the Democratic Party of Moldova, in the middle of the electoral campaign".

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