Gasoline prices raised

A number of filling stations posted higher prices for gasoline “95”. The prices are by about 0.20 lei per liter higher and vary around 20.60 lei/liter, IPN reports.

Former MP Alexandru Slusari said today that a slight decline in the Platts quotations for gasoline and diesel fuel has been witnessed the past four days. “But the oligarchic oil republic has its own rules. During tens of years, the fuel prices have been set by agreement reached by a narrow group of companies, sometimes in coordination with politicians. The price of gasoline has been raised again by 0.40 lei. The new methodology is blamed. What does NAER do?  Instead of intervening to see if the methodology is respected, the lads with salaries of 80,000 lei a month, appointed according to political criteria, invoke the flaws of the legislation. The new law is probably not perfect. But you, those from NAER, where were you when the given document was being worked out?” asked Alexandru Slusari.

According to him, what’s happening now on the oil market is the next cartel agreement between the largest companies with the involvement of the National Agency for Energy Regulation and with the passive position of the Competition Council. “Oil sellers flex their muscles before the whole country, profiting from the long absence of a Government and from the fact that NAER has long depended on them. At the height of the harvesting period, they blackmail the farmers. They press the transport companies that are close to bankruptcy owing to the pandemic. They deride the citizens, changing the prices daily, even if their stocks are enough for two-three weeks, while the legislation sets gasoline and diesel fuel price ceilings,” said Alexandru Slusari.

NAER and the Competition Council haven’t yet reacted to the most recent price rises. The Agency hasn’t published any details about the result of its request to operators to provide information about the price rises seen about ten days ago.

PAS MPs announced public consultations on the amendments to the law on the oil products market for July 28.

Earlier, economic expert Veaceslav Ioniță said the new methodology for calculating fuel prices worked out by the National Agency for Energy Regulation creates perturbations on the oil products market in Moldova. According to him, this is economic sabotage that leads to the monopolization of the market and eliminates any possibility of helping the famers with reduced oil prices.

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