Gaik Vartanean: Main reason why relations with EU soured was domestic factor

The main cause of the freezing of the relations with the EU was related to the domestic factor, says Gaik Vartanean. “It’s good that everything ended well and Moldovan society found forces and 70%-80% of the Moldovans in the elections voted against the former government, giving thus a grade to its actions, including to its relations with the foreign partners,” the Socialist MP said during a debate organized by IPN and Radio Moldova.

Vartanean says that the “European integration” slogan served as a coverup behind which the former government committed wrongdoings and the European partners got tired of its permanent unsubstantiated statements about the European integration. “It’s good that the current conjuncture allows us to say that the relations with the other states, including of the West and the East, are being enhanced. The former government found ways to get money at the expense of their own people and to isolate itself from the rest of the word,” stated the politician, adding the PSRM-ACUM coalition represents a consensus between the West and the East that is aimed at improving things in Moldova.

Gaik Vartanean noted that the forming of the PSRM-ACUM coalition on June 8 was met by foreigh partners with “cautious optimism”, as it was rather surprising to see rival political forces with opposing orientations team up in a region plagued by “a geopolitical cold war”. “It is the first time in 27 years since Independence that the government has a chance to build democratic institutions and a strong economy in an atmosphere of consensus both internally and externally,” said Vartanean, adding that the process will take some time given the resistance of people appointed by the previous government and still remaining in important official jobs.

Vartanean claims that, “unlike the previous government”, the coalition doesn’t have any “secret pacts”, and the foreign partners can see this, which explains the increased level of trust.

The Socialist MP says that people should understand that the current coalition government is more open towards society and is ready to offer support in every area where government intervention is needed. “We want to give people back the sentiment that Moldova is on the right track,” declared Vartanean.

The public debate “Resetting of relations with the EU: motives, chances, guarantees” is the 114th installment of the series of debates “Developing political culture through public debates” that are held with support from the Hanns Seidel Foundation of Germany.


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