Four mayors chosen in last Sunday’s elections

In Sagaidac village of Cimișlia district and in Hănăsenii Noi village of Leova district, mayors were elected last Sunday in the first round of voting. Also, the mayors were elected in Cotovscoe and Chioselia Rusă villages of ATU Gagauzia, where by only one candidate contended. In Târnova village of Dondușeni district and Bucovăț town of Strășeni district, runoffs will be held in two weeks, IPN reports.

The Central Election Commission presented the preliminary results of the new local elections held on May 19. In accordance with the legislation, the candidate for mayor is considered elected if he/she polls more than half of the valid votes cast by the eligible electors.

According to CEC data, the position of mayor in Sagaidac was won by Ion Cojocaru of the Party of Action and Solidarity. As many as 412 locals voted for him, which represents 61.40% of the vote.

In Hănăsenii Noi, PAS candidate Iurie Lungu also won most of the votes. He gained 229 votes or 60.42% of the ballot.

Only one person contended in the mayoral election in Cotovscoe as an independent – Gheorghi Palic. He was elected with 262 votes. The situation was similar in Chioselia Rusă, where the only candidate, Gheorghi Gospodinov, who ran as an independent, was elected with 240 votes.

If no candidate polls more than half of the valid votes cast, the second round of voting is held in two weeks and this involves the first two candidates who obtained the largest number of votes in the first round.

Thus, a runoff vote will take place in Târnova on June 2 between Vladimir Gîsca of the Party of Socialists, for whom 39.70% of electors voted last Sunday, and Ruslan Filipaș of the Political Party “Chance”, who won 29.35% of the vote.

Nicolae Lozovan of the PAS, for whom 34.57% of the electors voted, and Irina Maximova of the European Social Democratic Party, for whom 29.39% voted, will compete for the position of mayor in Bucovăț town.

New local elections last Sunday were also held to choose a new composition of local councils in Cairaclia and Salcia villages of Taraclia district, Chioselia Rusă and Cotovscoe villages of ATU Gagauzia and in Cealîc commune of Taraclia district.

According to the CEC, all the information provided before receiving the documents in the original from the lower electoral bodies is considered preliminary.

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