Former Interior Ministry employee: Adrian Nikifor led luxurious life in jail

Details about the life and work of controversial businessman Adrian Nikifor, who serves his time in a jail, have been made known. According to Sergiu Stepuleac, former employee of the Ministry of the Interior, Nikifor was very close to the former leader of the Democratic Party Vlad Plahotniuc and did services close to the legal limit for this. Nikifor was the one who gave bribe to the former president of VictoriaBank Victor Țurcan and Vlad Plahotniuc took over the bank as a result, IPN reports.

According to Sergiu Stepuleac, Andrian Nikifor framed the former head of VictoriaBank Victor Țurcan, who was arrested for taking bribe.

“Adrian Nikifor was very close to Plahotniuc and committed a number of illegalities in relation to VictoriaBank. He visited the bank’s president Victor Țurcan, left an envelope with US$10,000 bribe on the table of this and went away. Bogdan Zumbreanu of CCCEC came straightaway and caught him red-handed. Due to this gesture of Adrian Nikifor, a criminal case was started against Țurcan and the takeover of the bank started,” Sergiu Stepuleac stated in the program “Secrets of the Power” on JurnalTV channel.

According to Stepuleac, at the time of the Democratic government, the former Democratic leader Vlad Plahotniuc made sure that Nikifor was leading a luxurious life in the jail in Cricova.

“When Plahotniuc held power, Adrian Nichifor had a very good cell with two computers, a TV set, a refrigerator. He got married there and led a life that was better than at the hotel. He now stays in the same cell, but a part of those things were taken away and he no longer enjoys luxury. Ion Șoltoianu stayed with him because they were friends. To be safe, they stayed together. They had a tennis table and had what to drink and what to eat,” said Sergiu Stepuleac.

Businessman Adrian Nikifor was sentenced to 17 years in jail for shooting dead Iurie Pârlici, the brother of the former Nisporeni police commissioner, in April 2010. Nikifor was also sentenced to two years and eight months in jail in the April 7 case.

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