For statehood and against all liars. Promises of candidates in fifth electoral debate of IPN

The Party of Regions promises to keep the statehood at any cost and to offer Russian the status of the second official language if it enters Parliament. For his part, independent candidate Veacelsav Valico pledges to make sure that all the MPs work and fulfill their promises. The two candidates presented their electoral programs in IPN’s fifth electoral debate of the series “Analyzing Electoral Supply and Demand-2021”.

Veaceslav Valico said he is the only independent candidate in the current election campaign. He noted he devoted ten years of his life to the struggle for human rights. He struggled not because he was a politician or a functionary and not because he was paid to do so, but because he believed that justice should be done in the country. He struggled for the farmers from northern Moldovan in 2014 not because he had apple orchards, but because the people suffered and needed help. “I struggled for the public food sector and for the hospitality industry. I struggled for businesses as I’m a businessman and saw the suffering endured in 2019, when businesspeople were jailed for invented reasons. I go to Parliament to make the 100 MPs work and, what’s more important, to fulfill the promises they now make to the people,” he stated.

Veaceslav Valico noted he runs with the electoral symbol “Against all liars”. It’s not the case to spoil the ballot paper if the people are disappointed in all the contenders because they can vote for him as he is against all the liars. “We live in this chaos even if no one captured us during 30 years and we didn’t witness military coups. Persons who treat us with disrespect entered Parliament with our assistance.  Nothing has changed. Those who robbed us and lied to us remained. Only the colors changed slightly,” said Veaceslav Valico, urging the people not to make the same mistakes on July 11 and vote for independent candidate Veaceslav Valico.

The president of the Party of Regions of Moldova Alexandr Kalinin said he has managed the Party of Regions since 2016. This is the only political party that during the past 30 years has watched over the statehood of the Republic of Moldova and the national identity of all the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, regardless of the spoken language. They consider Russian should be given the status of the second official language. Moldovan is the official language and all the citizens who are on Moldova’s territory as guests or inhabitants should respect the Constitution and name the official language Moldovan. During 20 years he has solved all citizens’ economic, political, migration problems, keeping permanently in touch with the people.

As the Party of Regions is for keeping Moldova’s statehood, its slogan is “We are not of the left, we are not of the right, we are normal”. According to Alexandr Kalinin, namely those citizens who want to keep the state and statehood are normal. If this is not done, the Republic of Moldova can disappear as a state. The Party of Regions will do its best for the citizens to be proud of being Moldovan in any corner of the world. Their program covers a wide range of areas: political, economic, humanitarian, social, health, pensions, etc. If they enter Parliament, they will cooperate with each MP who will support the Party of Regions’ program. “The party’s doctrine is the statehood of the Republic of Moldova and we do not have a clearly defined doctrine,” stated the candidate.

In the July 11 snap parliamentary elections, independent candidate Veaceslav Valico will be under No. 23 on the ballot, while the Party of Regions of Moldova under No. 18

IPN’s sixth electoral debate set for July 6, 11:15am, will feature the election contenders People Power Party, the Common Action – Civic Congress Party and Moldova’s Patriots Party.

IPN Agency stages the electoral debates as part of the series “Developing Political Culture though Public Debates”, with support from the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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