Flashmob meeting at Presidential Building: Don’t rig elections!

“Don’t rig elections!” – such a message was transmitted by young members of the Party of Action and Solidarity in a protest mounted in front of the Presidential Building. On the Building’s fence, they attached such messages as “The enemy of free and fair elections stays here”, “They buy votes with buckwheat here”, “It is the empire of the bag here” etc., IPN reports.

“We came today here to tell Igor Dodon not to try and rig the elections as we will not allow him to. Igor Dodon won the elections in 2016 by fraud and lies. Since then, during four years, Igor Dodon has shown incompetence. With our money – 100,000 lei a day – he has luxury vacations in the most expensive hotels. This is the only accomplishment of Dodon – to live at the people’s expense. The Moldovans daily became poorer, while Dodon enriches himself at their expense. This time we will not allow him to,” said PAS Youth vice president Eugen Sinkevici.

Attending the event, PAS MP Sergiu Litvinenco called on the President to conduct a correct campaign and to accept that he will lose the elections. According to him, Igor Dodon realizes that the people don’t want him anymore and tries to rig the upcoming elections by blocking the vote in the diaspora and by massively buying votes on the left side of the Nistru.

“We joined in so as to transmit a message to this personage whose term in office is coming to an end. Before coming here, I read some titles after his traditional Friday program where he says that he registered as an independent because he was afraid that we will challenge this decision and will remove him from the electoral race. This is a lie. We want a political struggle. The people should not vote for him so that he leaves for good,” stated the MP.

In a new edition of the program “President Responds”, referring to PAS MP Sergiu Litvinenco’s assertion that President Dodon and the Socialists get ready to rig the presidential elections by falsifying the applications to register beforehand for opening polling stations in Russia, Igor Dodon said the Socialists and he are not interested in falsifying the elections, but want polling places to be established both in the East and in the West.

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