First exhibition of Chinese porcelain outside China mounted in Chisinau

Chinese porcelain was exhibited at the National Museum of Arts of Moldova. All the exhibits come from the Jizhou Kiln Museum located in Jiangxi province of China. This is the first exhibition of Chinese artworks in the Republic of Moldova, IPN reports.

According to the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of Chinua in the Republic of Moldova Yan Wenbin, China is the country of origin of porcelain, being known as ‘a country of porcelain’. “Pottery appeared in China 10 000 years ago. Over 2 000 years ago, under the reign of the Han dynasty, China made the first porcelain. Moldova also has a long history of pottery making. Approximately 5 000 - 7 000 years ago, the Cucuteni-Trypillia culture flourished in the territory of what is now Moldova. Colored ceramics of that period are famous worldwide. I would note that the ceramics of Cucuteni and the ceramics of the Yangshao culture of the same period in China are very similar in terms of decorations and forms,” stated Yan Wenbin

The diplomat noted that the exchanges of ceramics between China and Moldova started long ago. “I even saw a piece of Chinese porcelain dating from the times of Song and Yuan dynasties when I visited the National Museum of History this year. Personally, I’m interested in ceramic and porcelain culture and collect ceramic objects. The glass I use daily – a ceramics glass with a design of the Soroca Fortress – was purchased here, in Moldova,” related the ambassador.

Yan Wenbin also said that the Jizhou Kilns have a history of over 1 200 years. Their manufacture techniques have been passed on up to now. The Tianmu bowl with natural decoration under the internal enamel, made from mulberry tree leaves, is the most famous piece. Each of the exhibits was made by hand and is unique. It is for the first time that the Jizhou Kilts Museum delivers a special exhibition abroad. Therefore, the craftsmen created in particular porcelain associated with the culture of the Moldovan wine. China’s Embassy in Moldova is hopeful that by this spirit of crafting, the bilateral Chinese-Moldovan relations will become more fruitful.

Tudor Zbârnea, director of the National Museum of Arts of Moldova, said the exhibition of Chinese ceramics – the ceramics of a country that has the richest porcelain traditions – is an exhibition of special refinement presented in modules circled in national painting and with a series of images of the area where these ceramics are made. This is an event of exceptional cultural and artistic value. “Even if the ceramics are in series production, many of the articles were made by hand and, as far as we know, the workmanship of Chinese craftsmen is special due to fineness and extremely skillful designs,” said Tudor Zbârnea, expressing his confidence that the exhibition will arouse interest in Chinese culture and will reach Moldova’s schools by the teachers of the Academy of Music, Theater and Plastic Arts or other educational institutions.

The exhibition can be visited until January 10, 2024.

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