First automated car park to appear in Chișinău

The first automated car park will be built in the capital, in a joint project between municipal authorities, the Technical University of Moldova (UTM) and the Public Property Agency (APP). Additionally, the municipality will sign a partnership agreement with UTM, concerning multiple fields, ranging from consulting to active participation in providing expertise for projects implemented by the City Hall.

UTM rector, Viorel Bostan, said that during the first project stage, the Technical University will offer necessary space in the university yard for the car park. According to him, UTM students and teachers will study the car park automation system and will analyze potential changes warranted by the final car park location.

“It is a multi-storied car park, which allow 3 to 4 cars to be placed on top of each other. Its elevator system moves horizontally and vertically in order to rotate cars. Upon arrival, the car owner enters an access code, then pays by phone or by card. If free parking space is available, a platform descends, where the driver can park his car. After existing the car park, upon pressing a button, the platform moves and stores the car in a free space. It is a robotic car storage system,” explained the rector.

Viorel Bostan highlighted that this type of car parks reduces human intervention to a minimum. The rector stressed that such car parks exist in many modern cities. “This car park represents the first collaboration between the University and City Hall, in the context of urban solutions. This type of car park is automated. We are launching the first prototype in order to study how it works, then we will come up with improvements,” said the rector.

“We discussed the University's involvement in several digital SMART projects, which aim to solve the issues Chișinău is facing. This includes the involvement of teachers and students in developing traffic management systems, air quality monitoring systems and public transport management systems. We talk about these issues in order to identify how we could solve them. We are glad that the first car park will be initially hosted on University grounds. It will be a temporary modular multi-storied construction, which only requires a concrete surface upon which to build,” added Viorel Bostan.

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