Fiodor Ghelici: Local elected officials forgot about people

Fiodor Ghelici, who heads the Public Association “Moldova mea”, said the politicians forgot about the people who voted for them. He gave the example of the inhabitants of Congaz village in ATU Gagauzia, who complained about the multitude of problems and shortcomings they face.

In a news conference at IPN, Fiodor Ghelici said that when he travelled to Congaz, he saw that the mayor barricaded himself inside the mayor’s office and refused to go out and see why the people gathered together. The locals are dissatisfied that the promises to give larger pensions to them, to create jobs and to improve the living conditions weren’t delivered. Instead, the MPs raised their salaries by 4,000 lei and buy pool cars and tablet PCs. “These MPs forgot about the people,” he stated.

The chairman of “Moldova mea” also reminded about the “migration amnesty” promised to the Moldovans who stayed longer than allowed in the Russian Federation. “They returned to Moldova, voted for the Socialists and for Dodon and wanted to return to Russia, but the border police there told them that they had been banned from entering,” said Fiodor Ghelici, noting that he made approaches to the Russian Residential Office and received an answer saying there was actually no amnesty.

Ivan Besarab from Congaz told the same news conference that he has small incomes, but large costs. The fines imposed by the authorities for minor violations are too large and the people cannot clear them with their small salaries. The people started to do justice themselves as they can no longer tolerate the inaction of the decision makers. 

Journalist Rustam Orugaliev said there is poverty in Congaz. There is nothing at the market as if there was a war there. There is no control and no one pays taxes. The people survive by smuggling goods from Odessa. There is corruption everywhere and the problems cannot be solved without bribe. The MPs come to the village once a year to distribute presents, especially before electoral events. Nothing else is done.

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