Fight against COVID-19 means increase of body’s defense capacities, doctor habilitate

“COVID-19 is a scourge, a plague on society that leads to the overburdening of the health system, to different types of problems in society. A pandemic brings new big problems. At the moment, the rules of the game in containing the pandemic are different than those that govern ordinary medicine. To fight this pandemic, we must employ all the involved resources - doctors, nurses - with the resources we have, namely hospitals, medical equipment, medicines,” said university professor Victor Cojocaru, doctor habilitate of medical sciences, of the National Clinical Hospital “Timofei Moșneaga”, IPN reports.

In an online round of questions and answers staged by the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Victor Cojocaru said that in times of a pandemic there is a different element – the rising workload. The patients should realize that the pandemic didn’t annul ordinary medicine and medical emergencies.

“The pandemic is not a medical problem. It is a social, political, economic problem. The scientists, the Academy of Sciences should promote prophylactic rules to make each citizen responsible towards this social problem. Mankind wouldn’t have existed if prophylactic measures hadn’t been taken,” stated Victor Cojocaru.

He noted that the infection is a component of life that will never disappear. “If the infection disappears, we will also disappear. It is illogical to fight the infection to destroy it. It is logical to fight so as to increase our own capacities of defense against the infection by measures proposed by science and medicine.”

Academician Eva Gudumac, who moderated the event, said that Victor Cojocaru is one of those who work inside infection hotbeds. He has worked in medicine for over 50 years showing high professionalism and dealing with molecular biology, genetics and personalized medicine. The national COVID-19 protocol was worked out under his guidance.

Victor Cojocaru heads the Anesthesiology and Reanimatology Department No. 2 of “Nicolae Testemițanu” State University of Pharmacy and the Anesthesia and Intensive Care Clinic of the National Clinical Hospital “Timofei Moșneaga” where the patients with the most serious forms of COVID-19 are treated.  

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