Fadei Nagachevski: Justice sector reform should become a national idea

Ministry of Justice Fadei Nagachevski said the justice sector reform should become a national idea and the entire society should become involved in the analysis of this reform. Discussions will be held with experts from different areas of activity, including judges, prosecutors, lawyers and civil society so as to reach that broad consensus mentioned by the Venice Commission, IPN reports.

“Until now we didn’t have a national idea and this appeared now – the justice system. Everyone realizes that we will not have peace in Moldova and our foreign partners will not have confidence in us without a proper justice system. There are now all the elements and circumstances for us to combine forces and do good things that would ensure the sovereignty, independence and authority of the Republic of Moldova outside its borders and the people will be sure that there is political will,” Fadei Nagachevski stated in the talk show “Key issue” on NTV Moldova channel.

The minister noted he will additionally remit the justice sector reform bill to the Venice Commission for appraisal. “I want everyone to see that I took up my duties in order to serve the interests of this state, not of politicians. I came to stabilize the system,” he stated.

Emanoil Ploșniță, president of the Association of Lawyers of the Republic of Moldova, said an article that would stipulate the politicians’ responsibility for doing justice should be included in the Penal Code. This would be an additional guarantee that the politicians will stop becoming involved in justice and this is possible if there is political will.

Emanoil Ploșniță noted the discussions on a broad platform concerning the justice sector reform are important and all the opinions should be taken into account.

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