Experts: Security and Defense Partnership is an action of support on behalf of EU

The Security and Defense Partnership that was recently signed in Brussels represents a political commitment of the European Union to support the Republic of Moldova. According to the deputy director of the Institute for European Policies and Reforms (IPRE) Mihai Mogâldea, thanks to this document the EU member states will help Moldova counter hybrid threats and strengthen its defense capabilities. Watchdog expert Andrei Curăraru said that this partnership will provide Moldova with expertise and technical support from the European Union, IPN reports.

According to IPRE deputy director, the Security and Defense Partnership between Moldova and the European Union will help the official Chisinau counter hybrid threats, strengthen cyber security, improve strategic communication, counter information manipulation and foreign interference.

“This partnership is a political commitment of the European Union to support our country, which includes all the ongoing projects and mentions some future plans of the European Union regarding the Republic of Moldova. The novelty element rather concerns the actions we could take together in the coming years. The European Union makes it clear that there are more opportunities for cooperation. The National Army could be involved in military exercises organized by the EU. Moldovan experts could more actively take part in civilian missions of the European Union. We are also talking about common security and defense projects of the European Union in the field of cybersecurity, disinformation, in which our country could also participate. Over the past three years, the European Union has provided over €140 million for the security and defense sectors as part of the European Peace Facility,” Mihai Mogâldea stated in the talk show “Good Evening” on the public television.

Expert Andrei Curăraru noted that the document will help Moldova strengthen its defense, increase cybersecurity and discourage Russia’s attempts to interfere in the country’s democratic processes.

“The logic of this document is as follows: an analysis of the National Army’s weaknesses, including of those related to hybrid warfare, is carried out. The European Union Some formulated particular recommendations and, based on them, technical, training assistance will be offered. Some experts say that the second radar we intend to buy could be covered by this agreement so that we don’t spend money from the state budget and redirect that money to education or social protection. One of the most important elements and the first mentioned in the document is related to the exchange of information, especially regarding hybrid warfare and the involvement of foreign intelligence services in the Republic of Moldova,” said the Watchdog expert.

The Security and Defense Partnership between the Republic of Moldova and the European Union was signed on May 21, in Brussels, by Prime Minister Dorin Recean and Vice-President of the European Commission, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell Fontelles. The Republic of Moldova is the first country to benefit from such a partnership with the European Union.

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