Experts: Politicians want snap elections, but in advantageous conditions that do not exist

The Republic of Moldova needs snap parliamentary elections, but this will not happen as long as the dissolution of Parliament is not suitable for the big payers of Moldovan politics. At the same time, if snap parliamentary elections are held, the party led by Renato Usatyi would gain the most, consider political analyst Cornel Ciurea, journalist Dumitru Ciorici and expert Valeriu Paşa

“Surely, from the perspective of civil society, Parliament should be replaced and the politicians also spoke about this, but, as a politologist, I understand that all kinds of games were started. The players will resort to strategies so as to instigate the others. The snap elections will be held when it will be suitable for the important players and allies will be found for solving this problem,” IPN quoted Cornel Ciurea as saying in the talk show “Natalia Morari’s Politics” on TV8 channel.

Dumitru Ciorici said the snap elections are necessary, but could solve not many of the existing problems. “It is questionable who is favored now. Evidently, this Parliament must leave and a new Parliament should come. But the situation in a new Parliament will not be simple, as polls show. The situation will remain as difficult,” stated the journalist.

For his part, Valeriu Paşa said the Republic of Moldova now needs snap elections because the current legislature is non-representative, discredited and dysfunctional.

“It can work and have a majority only for uniting against the interests of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, which is for the sake of schemes, for avoiding criminal liability and similar things. Vladimir Plahotniuc does not need snap elections the most as he can continue influencing at least 30 current members of Moldova’s Parliament,” stated the expert.

In conclusion, Cornel Ciurea said that despite the fact that the political players say they want snap elections, this is not really so. “Not many want snap elections. They would like snap elections, but in advantageous conditions for them. However, there are no such conditions at present. The Socialists are in a situation of inferiority. Maia Sandu cannot improve her electoral rating much. She will grow, but not to the extent to which she could control a majority in Parliament”.

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