Experts forecast a new increase in price of natural gas imported to Moldova

Experts forecast that the price of natural gas delivered to the R. of Moldova by the Russian concern “Gazprom” could reach, after January 1, 2007, the level of USD 200 per 1,000 cubic meters, in comparison to the actual price of USD 160. According to the „Eco” newspaper, cited by Info-Prim Neo, having the situation when the session of the Moldovan-Russian joint commission, from October 5-6, current year, ended without reaching any significant result, when negotiations with “Gazprom” reached a critical stage and a sustainable contract of gas supply remains just a dream, we could witness a repetition of the 2006 situation. The difference is that, this time, Ukraine, with Victor Yanucovich as PM, will not save Moldova, which can remain without gas if it doesn’t accept the conditions imposed by “Gazprom”. At the moment, Moldovan authorities do not speak about what these conditions actually provide for, neither the expert team representing the Russian concern let themselves impressed, the publication mentions. At the same time, according to the cited source, the eventuality of establishing a price of about USD 200 is stated in a last week announcement, according to which, “Gasprom” will raise, on January 1, the price of gas delivered to Lithuania, by USD 45-50 (the current price being of USD 150). Recently, the Ukrainian Fuel and Energy Minister, Iuri Boiko announced that after January 1, the R. of Moldova will import natural gas from “Gazprom” at a price of USD 260 per 1000 cubic meters. „The gases’ war” between the R. of Moldova and Ukraine, on the one hand and „Gazprom”, on the other, started on January 1, current year, after the Russian part solicited a rise in price for this product. The initial price was of USD 80. The R. of Moldova paid USD 110, till July 1. To this date the price raised to the level of USD 160.

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