Experts encourage civil society to build Transnistrian people’s trust

The civil society from the Nistru’s both banks can, shall, and certainly will contribute to build the trust and to better the living conditions of every citizen, thus easing the settlement of the Transnistrian conflict, said the director of the European Institute for Political Studies from Moldova, Viorel Cibotaru, at a round table titled “Building Trust Between the Nistru’s both Banks,” Info-Prim Neo reports. The reunion took place on Wednesday, 9 April, in Chisinau and represents the final stage of a project on enhancing Transnistrian NGOs’ abilities by sharing the Czech experience in building a democratic society. The event has been joined by national experts from the Nistru’s both banks, from the civil society and by representatives of foreign ministries of EU countries, Ukraine and Russia. The foreign delegations have also met Moldovan officials and made a fact-finding trip to Tiraspol Cosnita, Dubasari district. The Increderea (Trust) Association’s President, Oazu Nantoi, has said the civil society form the area can solve the Transnistrian issue from within. The expert reminds that the USSR imploded after Mikhail Gorbachov made the people’s fear disappear. Following that pattern, the civil society must work to free the people living on the left bank from fear, says Oazu Nantoi. The “erosion” of the regime headed by Igor Smirnov is now on in the region, as it was built up on the radical idea of breaking up all the links with Moldova, says Oazu Nantoi. This is due to the total disappearance of the pseudo-arguments used by the regime in the early 90s to manipulate the people on the left bank, as a small part of the people got persuaded to fight against Moldova during the military conflict, opposing the unification with Romania. Olga Manole, a representative of the Promo-Lex NGO, says misinforming is one of the main factors leading to the Transnistrian people’s losing trust in Moldova. The Moldovan authorities undertake no measures to combat the misinformation supported by news agencies from the area, and this is leading to the victory of the regime’s propaganda, says Olga Manole. The Moldovan authorities don’t undertake sufficient measures to defend the rights of the people from the left bank, as the law-enforcement organs reply to those citizens’ notification by phrases as “we cannot help you, because we do not control the situation in the area”. This can lead to a series of failures Moldova can be inflicted by the ECHR and to totally losing the people’s trust in the power of Moldovan authorities, underlines the Promo-Lex representative. The project on enhancing Transnistrian NGOs’ abilities by sharing the Czech experience in building a democratic society is implemented by the Încrederea Association in partnership with the Czech NGO “People in Need”, financially supported by the EST–EST Program and the Soros Foundation -- Moldova.

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