“Expert-Grup”: Attacks on civil society are typical of corrupt regimes

“MP Bogdan Țîrdea and implicitly the Party of Socialists of Moldova attack not only the NGO sector, but also the development partners with which the relations are already extremely bad. These guys want to definitely self-isolate the Republic of Moldova,” said the executive director of the Independent Think Tank “Expert-Grup” Adrian Lupușor. According to him, the MP produced a considerable volume of hypocrisy, fakes and assertions that lack logic and analytical consistency, IPN reports.

“The figures presented by Mister Țîrdea are public - even if many of them were interpreted incorrectly, being artificially inflated - as the largest part of the NGOs publish these data that are accurate and are thoroughly audited by the donors. At the same time, Mister Țîrdea, who finances you and your party? Why doesn’t the PSRM publish the recent financial reports? The last report is for the first half of 2019. Does the First Lady’s Foundation publish at least some of the financial data and sources of financing? Only you and those who buy know what is there in those ‘bags”,” Adrian Lupușor posted on Facebook.

He noted the attacks on civil society are typical of nondemocratic, corrupt and authoritarian regimes that are bothered by independent and vibrant civil society. This is the direction followed now by the country.

The president of the Legal Resources Center of Moldova Vladislav Gribincea also reacted. ”From Bogdan’s fakes, I deduced that the NGOs are the top problem of Moldova. Only the thieves and tyrants fight against NGOs!”, Vladislav Gribincea said in a posting on Facebook.

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