Ex-MPs about first month of PAS government: Success at foreign level, shortcomings at internal level

Members of the first Parliament give grades to the current government in a month of the coming to power of the Party of Action and Solidarity. According to them, the current government and President Maia Sandu managed to take Moldova out of international isolation and to restore the country’s image at foreign level. However, according to former lawmakers, the country’s management at foreign level and the authorities’ communication with the citizens remain deficient, IPN.

According to ex-MP Alecu Reniță, the PAS government should be offered a grace period of 100 days and the delivery of results to the people in the period is mandatory. Society should have a pragmatic approach in relation to the new government and should overcome the period of post-electoral euphoria.

“We will refrain from praise and criticism during the 100-day period. However, the government already offered enough reasons for criticism, either it goes to the Transnistrian dispute or to the presence of Kozak in Chisinau, or our Prescient’s visit to Kiev. We see that any stance that does not suit the PAS voters is immediately penalized. These voters consider that if we beat the drums during four years, we will achieve results,” Alecu Reniță stated in the talk show “Emphasis on Today” on TVR Moldova channel.

Former MP Anatol Țăranu said the breaking out of international isolation and unlocking of foreign financial assistance are the biggest accomplishments of the PAS government. However, these accomplishments can be attributed to President Maia Sandu rather to the parliamentary majority or the Government.

“Visible results were achieved at foreign level. The Republic of Moldova reappeared on the radars of the main chancelleries. After that deficit of international relations experienced at the time of Dodon, we now see complete openness. At internal level yet, things stand worse. Even this rise in pensions became possible due to financial injections from outside. Next year, if the engines of the economy are not started, we will have to seek financial assistance. As to the government’s communication with the general public, annoying shortcomings are seen and these shortcomings already started to erode the government’s image,” stated Anatol Țăranu.

The Gavrilița Government was named by the votes of 61 PAS MPs on August 6. The justice sector reform, the fight against corruption, the rise in pensions and creation of well-paying jobs are only some of the executive’s priorities announced at the start of the mandate.

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