European integration of Moldova, myth or reality? IPN debate

This summer it has been six years of the signing of the Moldova – EU Association Agreement and four years of its coming into force. The participants in the public debate “European integration of the Republic of Moldova, myth or reality?” analyzed if the European integration process became a reality or remained in the virtual sphere of expectations and wishes.

Secretary of state at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Tatiana Molchan provided figures in support of her opinion. “In the period, more than 360 European legislative standards were transposed to the national legislation. This means the European standards already exist in our daily life. I admit that not everyone feels their effect, but they exist,” stated the functionary.

Tatiana Molchan noted that more than 2.5 million Moldovans traveled in the EU visa-free. “This is also the result of the European integration, as are the multiple European training, scientific, research and augmentation of exports to the EU programs. I’m convinced that the European integration became a reality for all the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, regardless of their preoccupations,” she stated.

The official considers the Association Agreement is the most important result of the European integration. “It is the main instrument of development, the roadmap. Its provisions cover all the spheres of the economy and society. Its signing was the result of work done during two years and the process of improvements started then already so that we could raise to a particular level,” stated Tatiana Molchan.

Publicist and political commentator Yevghenny Sholari, of the electronic publication NewsMaker, enumerated the success factors in Europeans integration process. “We need to change the political elites and social mentality,” he noted.

“In any authentic debate on the European integration for Moldova, we must separate the wheat from the chaff. The wheat is the values that can be called European or civilized. In essence, we speak about the building of a normal state, functional democracy, rooting out of corruption, efficient state institutions, open and free economy. It goes to a political culture that ensures the interaction between citizens, society and the state, social consensus, nondiscrimination, inclusive society that realizes its complexity and diversity. The chaff is the Moldovan politicians affected by corruption, populism, geopolitics, feudal mentality and lack of will to ensure real modernization. This is what is called Moldovan political system.”

Yevghenny Sholari noted that on the one hand, Europeans standards were implemented in Moldova. On the other hand, democracy was destroyed, the state institutions were captured and the banking system was robbed. “Since 2014, the degradation of the state power, banking fraud, flourishing corruption, split of society, which have nothing to do with Europeans politics, occurred under the European colors,” he said.

The journalist is convinced that the lesson should be learned from the happenings. “And the lesson is the following: with such a political system and such elites, reforms cannot be done, while the positive changes are not evident and clear to the people,” concluded Yevghenny Sholari.

The public debate “European integration of the Republic of Moldova, myth or reality?” was held by IPN News Agency as part of the project “Overcoming stereotypes of European integration by communication” that is implemented with support from the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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