European experts say that the export of Moldovan products to EU depends on the veterinary services offered by Moldova

European experts say that the export of Moldovan products to the EU depends on the veterinary services offered by Moldova. „ As soon as the veterinary services from Moldova will comply with the European standards, Moldovan products will be able to reach the UE countries”, the veterinary expert in the framework of the Project for food security of the European Commission, Cristian Dicu told Info-Prim Neo. According to him presently the Department of veterinary medicine and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security are in the process of reforming the legal framework and adapting new internal norms rallied to UE regulations in order to make exports possible. Regarding the present situation in the field of animal breeding and meat production, the European expert thinks that during last two years important steps were carried out in the process of rallying the Republic of Moldova to European standards. He says that in 2005 the EU sent in Moldova an evaluation mission in the context of accepting animal import and products. Back then the exports were not possible, but as a result of the evaluation certain recommendations have been offered which were included in an action plan for their implementation. According to Duicu, the set of documents that the Republic of Moldova committed to implement in 2006, as a result of these recommendations, was accomplished, and presently the veterinary services passed to the program of implementing the new regulations. The application of sanitary norms that comply with the communitary framework will not hinder the resumption of exports to the CIS countries and Russia, and will even facilitate the resumption of exports to these countries, the cited source sonsiders. In the near future, it is planned to carry out training seminars for the veterinary doctors about the new regulations in the field. Especially we are talking about applying the Legal framework regarding the measures of monitorisation and control of the waste of drugs that have a veterinary purpose; hormonal products; micotoxins and pesticides at animals and products of animal origin. In the process of adapting the legal framework in the field of communitary acquis, the department of veterinary medicine from the framework of MAIA has on its work agenda the draw up and adoption of certain norms that will set and regulate clearly the procedure of registering both the medical products having a veterinary purpose and their circulation and administration.

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