Eugen Carpov: Energy Community should assess us

One of the heads of the National Agency for Energy Regulation (NAER) reacted to a bill adopted by Parliament yesterday by which the managers of institutions that are under parliamentary control are made accountable. Eugen Carpov said the passed bill goes against the opinion of the Secretariat of the Energy Community, which said that this initiative encroaches on the independence of NAER. Carpov noted the Agency’s activity must be assessed by energy experts, not by political entities, such as the parliamentary commissions, IPN reports.

Under the bill that was adopted by Parliament yesterday, the managers of a number of regulatory entities, among which is NAER, will be penalized, including with dismissal, if the activity is performed defectively. Some of the NAER heads described the PAS initiative as contrary to the European norms.

“The proposals formulated by national and international institutions weren’t taken into account when the bill was debated. NAER wasn’t asked to pronounce on this bill. We didn’t see any reaction to the Energy Community’s opinion addressed to the Parliament Speaker. I don’t want to believe that this bill is a method of taking political revenge. I don’t oppose the assessment of the work done by the managers of these institutions, but those who will carry out the assessment should be experts in the field,” Eugen Carpov stated in the talk show “Shadow Cabinet” on JurnalTV channel.

Eugen Carpov denied having been named NAER chief according to political criteria during the rule of Plahotniuc, following secret agreements between Iurie Leancă and the former leader of the Democratic Party.

“Leancă didn’t even know when I applied for the post of NAER director. Being in Parliament, it was normal for me to think what to do next. There is no need to stage a struggle against all the people who worked then in different areas. By the same principle, we can find faults with doctors and school principals. The activity should be assessed, but by politically unaffiliated institutions, such as the Energy Community in the case of NAER,” stated Carpov.

The bill to make the managers of institutions that are under parliamentary control accountable refers to the National Commission for Financial Markets, the Competition Council, the National Dispute Settlement Agency, the Audiovisual Council and the National Agency for Energy Regulation.

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