EU wants to see some progress in bank fraud case, opinion

The historian and journalist Gheorghe Cojocaru says the latest statements by the EU envoy to Chisinau make it crystal-clear that the European Union will not resume financial assistance for Moldova if the future government includes names named in the Kroll reports. Through Ambassador Peter Michalko’s message, Brussels shows that it is concerned by the lack of progress in the justice sector in particular, while also announcing what it expects in principle from the future government, Cojocaru told an interview with RFE/RL’s Moldovan Service.
“It is worth pointing out the transparent, public and trenchant manner in which the European Union conveys to the Moldovan political class and the public at large its attitude about the situation created in the wake of the legislative elections. It is obvious that the European Union wants the relationship with Moldova to return to normal, and to communicate that the ball is now in the court of the new leaders in Chisinau”, says Gheorghe Cojocaru.
Commenting on claims that the EU ambassador’s message might be interpreted as support to certain political forces in the new Moldovan Parliament, Gheorghe Cojocaru said he believed the European Union’s position has always put first the interests of Moldovans and the country’s perspectives for growth. “It is worth noting that that message was made public in an interview to the press, and not to some political party or parliamentary group, as well as the fact that the message was not directed against any party”.
Cojocaru thinks Michalko’s message must have annoyed “some of those who ate the canary, but who remain safe as long as the Second Kroll report isn’t published”. “No doubt, through this message, the European Union says that it wants see some progress made, so that the (bank fraud) doesn’t become a completely cold case”, stated Gheorghe Cojocaru.
EU Ambassador Peter Michalko told an interview with IPN on Tuesday that “the formation of a parliamentary majority that includes people named in the Kroll report could be a very significant obstacle to the cooperation between the European Union and Moldova”. According to him, “those responsible for the bank fraud must be jailed”. The diplomat added that “justice should be independent and not selective, and all institutions should be functional and independent”.

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