EU expects all decision makers in Moldova to respect rule of law

On Thursday 3 December, the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova voted on a number of legislative proposals, including on limitations of Presidential powers, tabled in a hasty and non-transparent manner. The voting took place in a way that fails to respect the necessary parliamentary procedures. Furthermore, it has been supported by people identified as having been involved in corruption and in the 2014 banking fraud. This also carries the risk that the legislation might serve vested interests, says a Statement by the Lead Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy of the EU Peter Stano on the latest legislative proposals, which is quoted by IPN.

The Stamen says “these legislative proposals were tabled only two weeks after the Moldovan people have elected a new President. The elections took place with the expectation that the future President would be able to exercise their functions according to the Constitution under which they were elected. It is therefore essential that any changes to these Presidential functions and powers respect the necessary, legally-enshrined procedures, including democratic scrutiny.

“The European Union expects all decision makers in the Republic of Moldova, an associated country to the EU, to respect the rule of law and guarantee democracy, in line with the expectations of the population and core principles of the ambitious EU-Moldova Association Agreement. The European Union’s partnership with the Republic of Moldova will remain focused on delivering tangible benefits to Moldovan citizens.”

The MPs of the PSRM, the Shor Party and the group For Moldova on December 3 adopted in an atmosphere of chaos and disorder a number of bills, such as the draft state budget, budgetary-fiscal and social insurance funds laws for 2021 and the bill to transfer the SIS from the President’s subordination under the Parliament’s subordination.

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