EU ambassadors’ messages on occasion of Europe Day

On the occasion of Europe Day that is celebrated on May 9, ambassadors of EU member states accredited to the Republic of Moldova disseminated video messages intended for the Moldovan citizens, IPN reports.

“Solidarity for health became the priority of the European Union in the fight against COVID-19 in the EU and outside its borders,” said Angela Ganninger, Ambassador of Germany.

“We are working together for a common future with a European dimension,” stated Romania’s Ambassador Daniel Ioniță.

“We became the reliable partner on which the Republic of Moldova can always count,” noted Poland’s Ambassador Bartlomiej Zdaniuk.

Ambassador of Italy Lorenzo Tomassoni said they support small companies and encourage the revitalization of the business sector. “Better companies appear and they align themselves with the EU standards, enhance their performance, improve the results and create jobs”.

“We tried to promptly respond to urgent needs in the short run and focus on the structural impact in the long run,” said Czech Ambassador Stanislav Kazecky.

Sweden’s Ambassador Anna Lyberg noted that they support human dignity, liberty, democracy, the rule of law and respect for the human rights, while Belgium’s Ambassador Philippe Benoit reminded: “We are Team Europe in the Republic of Moldova”.

“We went together through historical challenges. We learned to tackle inequalities,” stated Uldis Mikuts, Latvia’s Ambassador. French Ambassador Pascal le Deunff said: “For over 70 years, we have worked together to ensure peace, unity and prosperity in Europe”.

“We support the efforts to make world safer for us all,” stated Ireland’s Ambassador Paul McGarry.

“We proved that we are a team that is committed to succeed together with our members and partners,” noted Ambassador of Lithuania Kestutis Kudzmanas.

“We do not leave anyone behind. We prioritize the efforts where they are necessary the most,” said Manuel Larrotcha Parada, Ambassador of Spain.

“As we learned to live with the challenges caused by the pandemic, solidarity represented the only common response,” stated Ambassador of Slovakia Dusan Dacho.

“We are facing together the pandemic and will continue to build the future against challenges,” said Dimitrios Karakonstantinis, Ambassador of Greece.

Slovenian’s Ambassador Lea Stancic said: “We are adjusting to the generation of new technologies”, while Ambassador of Finland Marjut Akola said: “We invest in people and in education, creating new opportunities for the young people”.

Soren Jensen, Ambassador of Denmark, said “the common goal is to keep peace and stability, to generate development and prosperity in the long run, by respecting human rights and democratic institutions”.

“We consider access to justice is fundamental for a democratic transition and sustainable development and this is one of the key values of the European Union,” said Floris van Eijk, charge d’affaires at the Embassy of the Netherlands in the Republic of Moldova.

“We believe and act with respect for our natural resources and exclusive attributes of each country, for our chance to gain a future,” said Ambassador of Croatia Marija Kapitanovic.

“We should aim to become the first neutral continent from climatic viewpoint, turning into a modern economy that is efficient in terms of use of resources,” stated Stella Avallone, Ambassador of Austria.

Estonia’s Ambassador Ingrid Kressel noted that “each citizen should have the chance to realize their potential, to live freely and to assume the path chosen in life.”

“Everyone is an important part of a whole. We are all stronger together,” said Bulgaria’s Ambassador Evgheni Stoytchev.

“We, the European Union and its members and also its partners work for a stronger Europe,” said Ambassador of Cyprus Petros Kestoras, while Hungary’s Ambassador Sandor Szabo noted that “we work for a stronger Republic of Moldova and stronger EU-Moldova relations”.

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