Epidemiologist: 1,000 cases of infection is a lot for Moldova and we should be concerned

The figure of over 1,000 cases of COVID-19 confirmed during one day is very high for the Republic of Moldova and the authorities should identify new solutions to stop the massive spread of the virus, IPN quoted epidemiologist Alexei Ceban, of the National Public Health Agency, as saying in the talk show “Emphasis on Today” on TVR Moldova channel.

“This is an alarming figure. It was expected yet as the made forecasts showed that the virus has been spreading in the Republic of Moldova. Surely, we can also look at the figures in the European Union, which are also on the rise. But 1,000 cases for the Republic of Moldova is a lot and we must be all concerned. We must assess what we have done until now and come up with new stages in the prevention and control of COVID-19,” stated Alexei Ceban.

According to the epidemiologist, the people continue to believe that the virus will not affect them and this leads to a rise in the number of infections every day.

Asked what restrictions can be imposed in the territorial-administrative units put on red alert, Alexei Ceban said the general restrictions applied nationwide should be first of all respected. The local extraordinary public health commissions will take decisions in particular.

“For the territories put on red alert and orange alert, there is applied a mechanism that is stipulated in chapter 11 of the Preparation and Response Plan by areas: for holding religious ceremonies, for the activity of markets, for education institutions, for health facilities. These will be implemented in the context of the assessment of the risks at the local level. For example, it will be decided to halt public transport or to adjust the transit system,” stated the functionary.

Alexei Ceban noted the decisions will be taken by the local public authorities in consultation with the National Public Health Agency and the Ministry of Health.

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