Entrepreneurs complain about low quality cash registers

The representatives of the small enterprises say that the compulsory condition to use cash registers with fiscal memory, even when rarely operating with cash, is a supplementary obstacle in the development of the small business. At the same time the fiscal body says that the registers are necessary for protecting consumers from poor quality products. According to several heads of small enterprises, even if they rarely use portable cash registers they are obliged to maintain their proper functioning, which generates supplementary loss of time and resources. If not reactivated in time the registers must go for this procedure to the General Fiscal State Inspectorate (GFSI). Solicited by Info-Prim Neo, the head of the Control and Reclamations Department of GFSI, Viorel Dandara, declared that the cash registers are indispensable for the entrepreneurship activity, because it accounts fiscal operations, but most importantly guarantees that consumers will buy qualitative products. Without a statement of cost the client can not sue the commercial unit which sold him the poor quality products. He says that Moldova must implement the practice of Baltic countries where each seller from a public market has a cash register with fiscal memory. According to Dandara, the fiscal memory stays in the cash registers, including portable even if the batteries are depleted. The quoted source admits that some of them are old and could trouble its user. The head of the Small Business Association, Eugen Roscovan, told Info-Prim Neo that the cash registers used in Moldova are not introduced to the country due to their quality but due to the notoriety of the supplier. That is the reason why the list of these suppliers in the Unique State Register is changed every half a year and the high quality registers are very often changed for inappropriate ones, which create many problems to economic agents, Roscovan says. According to the quoted source, the permanent change of the type of cash registers is not made according to the state interests, but for the interest of those who “play with these lists”. According to Roscovan, this situation could be overcome if the recommendations and the information regarding the registers and the necessity to use them would be made public, and GFSI would organize opinion polls for the economic agents in order to find out what cash register is qualitative and easier to use. In this way their frequent change would be eliminated. At present, the decision on introducing or canceling the use of cash registers with fiscal memory does not belong to GFSI, but to an interdepartmental Commission, Dandara says. At the moment the right not to use cash registers with fiscal memory was given to several categories of economic agents, including farmers, small households, and religious organizations.

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