Enterprises that operate in primary agricultural system paid VAT of MDL 10.5 mln to the budget

Companies that operate in the primary agricultural system paid the budget the VAT summing up about MDL 10.5 mln, an amount that was integrally repaid in conformity with the provision of the Law on the budget and the regulation approved by the Parliament, declared recently the head of the State Principal Fiscal Inspectorate (SPFI), Sergiu Puscuta. Those MDL 10.5 mln represent about 10% of those MDL 100 mln provided in the budget for reimbursing VAT to farmers. According to the chair of SPFI, starting from October and November a massive growth of VAT collection is expected for the agricultural sector and, respectively, of VAT repaying. This fact is also related to the season character of the agricultural production realization. Puscuta specified that last year, the VAT in agriculture was of 5%. But the reimbursement for acquired goods was set to the rate of 20%. As a consequence, in the majority of cases a tax destined to this reimbursement sum was created at agricultural enterprises. At a time with the applying of the VAT standard rate of 20% for the farm production, the reimbursement sum started decreasing each month. At the repaying of VAT big sums appeared because the reimbursement was big at the beginning of the year; now it is exhausting, the cited source affirmed. Asked whether all those MDL 100 mln will be capitalized the head of SPFI said that the TAV reimbursement does not affect the budget; and VAT will be repaid in the proportion in which it will be paid. “In the case more than MDL 100 mln are collected, the more will be repaid to the farmers”, asserted Sergiu Puscuta. Because of the last year majoring of the VAT from the level of 5% to the standard rate of 20%, MDL 45 mln where provided in the state budget in order to subsidize the farmers who utilize products of sanitary use and fertilizers, and other MDL 100 mln – for those who deliver agricultural products, produced by themselves. 536,000 taxpayers from the agricultural sector are registered at SPFI.

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