Energy Regulation authority will increase gas tariff by 9%

The Administration Council of the National Agency for Energy Regulation (ANRE) approved on Wednesday, February 14, a 9% increase in the average tariff on natural gas supplied to consumers. The tariff was set at MDL 2545, compared to the previous tariff of MDL 2335 per one thousand cubic meters. The VAT of 5% was not included in the new tariff, thus the consumers are obliged to pay this tax additionally to the new tariff increase. The new tariffs will come into force once ANRE’s decision is published in the “Official Monitor”. ANRE director Nicolae Triboi told a news conference that for the household consumers with a monthly consumption of up to 30 cu. m (inclusively) the tariff has been increased from MDL 2196 to 2406 per 1000 cu. m, while for a consumption of over 30 cu. m, as well for other final consumers the tariff rose from MDL 2812 to 3022. The tariff on natural gas for the heat and power plants (CET) was increased from MDL 1745 to 1955 per 1000 cu. m, while for the thermal plants – from MDL 2057 to 2267. The tariff adjustment was justified by the increase, from USD 160 to 170/1000 cu. m, in the price of the natural gas purchased from “Gazprom”, as well as by the increase in the tariffs on transportation and distribution, in number of served consumers and by price rise in material resources. The expenses related to servicing, verification, renovation, installation, replacement of gauge equipment for household consumers have been also included in the tariff. Head of “Moldova-Gaz” JSC Ghenadi Abaschin, attending the conference, said that the new increases do not correspond to the real expenditure of the enterprise, the proper increases constituting 20%. Abaschin mentioned that neither this time ANRE has included in the tariffs the enterprise’s losses which are generated by the delay of 1,5-month in adjusting the tariffs. At the same time, as a result of increasing the tariff of natural gas, ANRE decided to increase the tariffs on power and thermal energy produced by the Power Distribution Plants (CET). Thus, the power tariff of MDL 0.86 /kWh was approved for CET-1, MDL 0.67/kWh for CET-2, MDL 0.82/kWh – for CET-Nord. As regards the thermal energy, the tariff of MDL 322,92 /Gcal was approved for CET-1, while MDL 241,11/Gcal – for CET-2. Representative of “Union Fenosa” Company (UF), Silvia Radu, told Info-Prim Neo that the increases in the tariff on electric power approved for CET amount to 98% compared to the previous tariffs. She mentioned that, in compliance with the provisions of the legislation in force, 15 days after modifying the tariffs, Union Fenosa may request from ANRE to adjust the tariffs on power supplied to the consumers. Silvia Radu mentioned that “Union Fenosa” is obliged to buy from Moldovan CETs 70% of the produced volumes of power. But these quantities are low compared to the imported power volumes, and can not significantly influence the increase in tariffs.

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