Elena Pahomova: UN resolution is not aimed at ensuring people’s welfare

Expert Elena Pahomova said none of the government’s decisions of the last few years was aimed at ensuring the people’s welfare. Respectively, the resolution on the complete and unconditional withdrawal of the foreign military forces from the territory of the Republic of Moldova forms part of the same logical series. The current government pursues only one logic, related to the personal interest of enriching oneself through schemes involving the supply of gas, electricity, and the retaining of power can be another interest. The expert stated such opinions in a public debate entitled “(Political, economic, social, international) consequences of UN discussion on the withdrawal of the foreign army from Moldova’s territory” that was held by IPN Agency and Radio Moldova.

“What consequences this UN decision will have – none. Why? Because our people didn’t take and will not take decisions as to the developments in the country. Such a resolution can generate effects only if compromises are reached by the two sides of the Nistru. Did something cardinal happen in these relations? No,” stated the expert, noting those minor protocol agreement signed until now are insignificant.

Elena Pahomova said she would like to see the mechanism for implementing this resolution, but it’s clear that this does not exist in Chisinau. Knowing the mentality of the inhabitants of the region, these will not allow the pullout now. What is done now in relation to the Transnistrian region is punitive in character and there is no with to build those bridges of confidence about which they speak.

The consequences of the resolution for Moldova can be considered only from technical viewpoint. If the Russian army leaves the region, there could be no one else who could guard those stores that are guarded now by the Russian army. Bessie political statements, the document does not have a real impact. “I’m concerned about the subsequent steps as I don’t know how far the government can go in its games with the West, which can influence concrete people. The people for them do not count and the security does not count. They are ready to do everything to remain in power,” stated Elena Pahomova.

She also said that the step taken by the authorities can be described as anti-Russia. “It seems that this is a point of an understanding between the government and the development partners aimed at worsening the relations with the Russian Federation. Russia for now hasn’t reacted and I think it will not react until the parliamentary elections. Not much can be expected of the current government in its current composition, at least before the parliamentary elections. “It is certain that the government of Moldova is followed from both sides of the Nistru because the relationship between Chisinau and Tiraspol and Russia’s attitude to Tiraspol depends on this,” stated the expert.

The public debate “(Political, economic, social, international) consequences of UN discussion on the withdrawal of the foreign army from Moldova’s territory” was the 91st installment of the series “Developing political culture through public debates” that are staged with the support of the German foundation Hanns Seidel.

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