Elena Bobkova: If the social-economic situation on both banks of the Nistru does not improve, it will be impossible to solve the Transnistrian conflict. Info-Prim Neo survey

Info-Prim Neo News Agency is carrying out an opinion poll on the settlement of the Transnistrian conflict among leaders of political parties, representatives of the civil society, and opinion shapers from both banks of the Nistru. The survey is aimed at finding out viewpoints that could contribute to the improvement of the present situation. All the participants were asked the same two questions. This time, the answers are given by Elena Bobkova, the director general of the Tiraspol-based Center for Social Research New Age. [ - How can the dispute be solved in the opinion of the organization that you represent? In what way, through what mechanisms and during what terms is a settlement possible?] - The conflict between Moldova and Transnistria remains one of the most pressing problems for the Transnistrian society. According to an opinion poll carried out by New Age this spring, 38.8% of the respondents consider that the talks between Chisinau and Tiraspol must be resumed. More than a half of those questioned (51.8%) said that an obligatory condition for resuming the talks is the equality between the parties, while 4.2% of the respondents said the talks are useless. Also, 56.6% of those polled are sure that the key to the Transnistrian dispute is in the hands of the Moldovan and Transnistrian authorities. 43.8 % of the respondents said that the Transnistrian conflict can be solved with the help of Russia, 18.5% said the settlement of the dispute depends mostly on the civil society from the two banks of the Nistru, while 11.4% said this about the European Union. If a referendum was held to determine the status of Transnistria, 61.4% of the population would vote for the independence of the Transnistrian state, 20.7% would vote in favor of a federation, while 7.3% for the status of an autonomous region. [ - How do you think, how efficient and relevant to the created situation are the steps taken by the administration of Moldova at present? When do you think the effort made by the authorities will begin to produce results and what results can we expect?] - As a sociologist, I consider that it will be impossible to solve the Transnistrian dispute, if the social-economic situation on both banks of the Nistru does not improve. Such a situation is eloquently illustrated by respondents’ answers to the question: “When do you think we will start to live better?” More than a fourth of the respondents consider that the living conditions will improve in more than ten years, 17.6% of those surveyed said the people would live better in five years, while less than 5% - in a year.

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