Efficient waste management should be a priority for authorities, activists

The local public authorities of Chisinau in time haven’t showed capacity and interest to solve the waste problem and organize efficient collection of waste, with sorting and subsequent recycling, said environmental activists. According to them, many of the buildings in the capital city still have those waste collection tubes that are real infection sources and shelters for rats and insects.

In a news conference at IPN, Iuliana Cantaragiu, expert at the National Environmental Center, said that as an inhabitant of Chisinau and as an environmental activist during about 20 years, she ascertains with regret that the local public authorities during many years haven’t arranged things so that waste collection in the municipality is convenient. According to her, the situation in the blocks that still have waste collection tubes is disastrous.

Recently, the Chisinau Municipal Council examined a draft decision to eliminate the tubes and set up waste collection areas. “I ascertained with surprise that the decision was endorsed by everyone except for the Socialist group. Why? Why doesn’t a group of councilors want to vote a draft decision that is in the interests of citizens?” asked Iuliana Cantaragiu.

Andrei Suhodol, vice president of an association of dwellers, said the technologies in the Information Age should be also used in the management of waste. A correct circuit of waste needs to be ensured, from dweller to the sorting and recycling station or to the incineration place.

Chisinau resident Alexandr Osadchii said he lives in a nine-story building. The unpleasant smell emitted by the waste tubes is not felt much on the upper floors, but it is unbearable on the third-fourth floors, especially in summer. No one cleans and disinfects these tubes and the waste that remains on the walls of tubes decays and the unpleasant smells becomes more intense. As the tubes are narrow, the waste often gets stuck inside them and there is no one who could unblock them.

The National Environmental Center calls on the authorities to ensure the efficient management of waste and to make this a priority.

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