Fuel prices go up

A number of gas stations posted higher fuel prices. The price of gasoline was raised by 1.10 lei, while of diesel fuel by 0.85 lei. The liquefied petroleum gas is sold at the same price.

Currently, gasoline “95” costs 19.47 lei a liter, up from 18.37 lei a day ago. Diesel fuel is sold for 17.47 lei, as against 16.62 lei. The price of liquefied petroleum gas remained at 10.72 lei.

Under the new fuel pricing methodology approved by the National Agency for Energy Regulation this March, oil sellers set by themselves the retail prices of the main oil products and of the liquefied petroleum gas with an annual markup of at most 10%.

The Agency’s spokeswoman Galina Sanduța has told IPN that the new methodology provides the oil sellers are to present the relevant calculations within three days of the posting of new prices.