Details about Single Support Framework for 2017-2020

The Republic of Moldova will benefit from EU support in the amount of €79 million for 2017. The money will not reach the authorities directly, but will be allocated for different projects, acquisitions, technical assistance, equipment and others and will be managed by the EU through the EBRD, EIB and other organizations. The Single Support Framework for 2017-2020 envisions €284 to €348 million in assistance. The final sum will depend on Moldova’s absorption capacity. The information was presented in a news conference staged by the EU Delegation to Moldova, IPN reports.

Ambassador of the European Union to Moldova Peter Michalko said the support planned for 2017-2020 represents the second part of the multiannual EU support program and centers on the priorities set based on the European neighborhood policy and the Global Strategy for 2016. This support will offer Moldova the possibility of achieving new results in developing the social and economic policy and in strengthening the political association and economic integration objectives. The assistance is provided for national initiatives in different areas and for regional projects.

According to the Head of Operations of the EU Delegation to the Republic of Moldova Aneil Singh, the Single Support Framework for 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 was adopted recently and is centered on projects. The package for 2017 to the value of €79 million has no connection with the macro-financial assistance and is not something additional to that assistance. Support will be provided for civil society, local media institutions and for consolidating the potential for ensuring a competitive economic environment and for strengthening the energy sector.

Mediation as an instrument of efficient dispute resolution will be supported, as will be the enhancement of transparency at state-owned enterprises. Special attention will be devoted to the communication with the people and their informing about the projects implemented with EU support.

Aneil Singh said the Republic of Moldova, alongside other states, will continue to benefit from regional assistance that is provided through the EUBAM Mission, the program ERASMUS, transfrontier cooperation programs, etc. Also, Moldova benefits from other types of assistance that is offered through other short-term instruments.

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