Ecologist: Level of water in the Nistru will remain high

The Republic of Moldova currently does not face dangers of floods or heavy rain that can endanger the localities situated near large rivers, ecologist Ilia Trombistky stated in the talk show “Important” on TVC 21 channel.

“I consider we overcame the peak of floods. However, heavy rain was forecast in the Carpathians for July. I don’t think the consequences will be as serious, but the level of water in the Nistru will remain high,” said Ilia Trombistky.

According to the ecologic expert, the large flows from the Carpathians are directly related to tree felling. More exactly, the woods have a large water abortion capacity. As a result of felling, they cannot fulfill their duty in the ecosystem.

Besides floods, Moldova also annually faces a wave of droughts. The ecologist noted this is due to the fact that the artificial lakes created in 1960 were privatized or leased out and are used for private interests. This way, as a result of the actions taken by lake owners, the small rivers go dry. Also, following torrential rain, the small rivers get muddied and the water resources are lost.

The State Hydrometeorological Service has issued an orange code advisory for possible floods on the Prut River following the recent heavy precipitation. The level of water on the Criva-Costeşti-Stânca section is expected to rise by about 2 meters. In connection with the decision to increase the volume of water discharged from the Costești-Stânca accumulation lake to 510 m3/s, taken by the expert subcommission, the level of water on the Costeşti-Stânca-Cantemir sector is projected to increase by 2.5-3.5 meters, while on the Cantemir-Brânza sector by 1-2 meters.

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