Each second parent hopes child will have higher education, study

The parents of primary, secondary and lyceum education institutions have big expectations of the education system. Each second parent hopes their son or daughter will have higher education. At the same time, one in four parents hasn’t yet thought about the highest level of studies they would like their children to obtain. In general, parents’ opinions about general education in Moldova are rather good, but when the quality is defined by criteria that can be easier contrasted with the daily life, the parents have more critical opinions, shows the sociological survey “Quality of Education during Health Crisis” that was presented by the Institute for Public Policy (IPP).

In a news conference at IPN, Anatol Gremalschi, programs director at the IPP, said it is regrettable that there are parents who didn’t think about the educational path of their children after the completion of the secondary school or lyceum. “In general, the fact that the parents dream of vocational or higher education is a good thing as they realize that high-quality education ensures a higher quality of life in the future,” stated Anatol Gremalschi.

Parents’ opinions about general education in the Republic of Moldova are rather good (67%) and very good (about 10%). Approximately 79% of the parents said they are satisfied and very satisfied with the quality of their children’s studies. Also, 4.6% are dissatisfied, while 1.3% are very dissatisfied, these figures being close to the limit of the poll’s statistical error of 5%. Despite the high level of satisfaction shown by the respondents in the case of general approaches of the “quality of education”, when the quality is specified by criteria that can be easier compared with the daily life, parents’ opinions become more critical.

As to the relevance of education, about 42% of the parents consider the diplomas do not have any value. “90% said they are satisfied with the quality, while half said the results do not have any value. We must understand that the parents analyze education from the viewpoint of the process and less from the angle of the end-result of this process. We all know that in our environment, the value of a document, including of a diploma, is overestimated. Emphasis on the skills behind these document is not really placed. Disillusion appears as a result – yes, education is very good, but the diplomas no longer have value,” examined Anatol Gremalschi.

Some 52% of the polled parents consider the students today have a lower level of education than those in the past. 49% of the parents want their son or daughter to study abroad. One in three parents considers the private education is better than the state one and one in two parents would like their child to study at another school that would be better than the current one.

Sociologist Veaceslav Batrînescu, of CBS Research, said the sociological survey covered 400 parents who were interviewed over the phone during January 16-28.

The sociological survey was carried out in the framework of the project “Taking opportunities for effective involvement of parents, communities and civil society in education governance (2019-2021)” that is implemented by the IPP under the Good Governance Department of Soros Foundation Moldova, with financial support from the Education Support Program of the Open Society Foundations.

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