​​​​​​​Each hour, a person has a stroke

In the Republic of Moldova, each hour, a person has a stroke, and each hour and a half, a person dies from a stroke. Experts say that about 80% of strokes could be prevented. In an event organized by the Stroke Association of Moldova, national and international experts will discuss the topic of cerebrovascular accidents. The event will be held between September 16-18, in Chișinău.

"Today, stroke can be prevented and prevention is a success story for many countries. Therefore, we are expected to commence educational processes, the integration of family doctors into society, the improvement of the hospital system, the extension of the emergency care system for patients with vascular accidents and the development of a rehabilitation system. We have to identify solutions for a number of problems which are part of a regionalization project, a project that aims to evaluate in time opportunities”, said the academic, university professor and President of the Association, Stanislav Groppa.

Data from Moldova shows that the number of stroke victims has greatly increased since 1995 to 2018, raising form 21 thousand to 78 thousand people. "There are several explanations. First, the population is aging. Second, a process of cumulation of risk factors takes place. Strokes are the results of tear and aging. Our society is getting ill”, explained the academic.

The European Summit "cerebrovascular accidents" has commenced today, on September 16, in Chișinău. The event is attended by prominent specialists from over 30 countries. The participants discuss the state of medical care in case of cerebrovascular accidents and scientific research in the field.

We hope that this summit will allow us to initiate a new era in regard to addressing stroke and brain disease in Moldova", noted the academic. According to Stanislav Groppa, Moldova will greatly benefit from being part of the European plan. The benefits include experience sharing with specialists and experts who have experience in dealing with strokes and have a vision regarding the development of care in this field. “Additionally, the European plan provides support for integration into different European institutions and structures, which increases the level of quality in terms of healthcare. We have talks about the education of doctors and other medical staff”, said the president of the Stroke Association of Moldova.

The specialists put forward the proposal to develop a national program for stroke prevention and treatment. In this regard, Moldova has yet to establish its position and vision, which would make possible the thorough analysis of the potential program. "We should educate ourselves on this topic in order to preserve our health. We should promote a healthy lifestyle. A reform of the health system is expected”, said academic Stanislav Groppa.

The professor added that the idea to create a network of well coordinated centers destined to help stroke patients was put forward. The centers should be properly equipped and staffed.

The Republic of Moldova was nominated host country for the first Summit of the IRENE - COST (Implementation Research Network in Stroke Quality) Project, which takes place on September 16 and 17, in Chișinău. In parallel, on September 17 and 18, the National Conference on cerebrovascular diseases will be held.

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