E-kindergarten platform excludes human factor in enrolling children in preschool institutions

The platform for enrolling children in preschool institutions www.egradinita.md excludes any suspicions regarding the corruption of kindergarten principals. Natalia Alexei, the principal of kindergarten No. 158 in Chisinau, says that the platform facilitates the process of enrolling children in kindergartens by submitting an online application, without the physical presence of the parents.

All parents have to do to enroll their children in kindergarten is to fill out an online form where they enter their personal data and select the kindergarten that is closest to their home, Natalia Alexei said during an IPN debate dedicated to the start of the new school year.

“The e-kindergarten platform is welcome because before its appearance principals were accused of selectively accepting children or favoring someone over another child. So, the human factor was excluded from enrolling children in kindergarten. A parent can apply right after obtaining the child’s birth certificate. Kindergarten principals access this platform daily and register the applications,” said Natalia Alexei.

The principal says that this online process increases the level of transparency and contributes to eradicating corruption.

“Initially, we check whether the child’s address corresponds to the territorial range of our institution. If the application is accepted, the parents receive an email informing them of this. This year we managed to open three groups with children born in 2019 following applications registered on this platform. From May 1, the submission of files with physical presence began. From August 1, the children already attend the kindergarten in adaptation mode”, said the principal of Kindergarten no. 158.


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