Dwellers of blocks situated at 13/1 and 13/2 Mircea cel Bătrân Blvd seek justice

The dwellers of the buildings located at 13/1 and 13/2 Mircea cel Bătrân Blvd in Chisinau accuse a number of state institutions of not fulfilling their duties and suspect some of the judges of corruption after they have been in litigation for a long period of time and the judges they consider corrupt ruled in favor of companies that erect illegally and endanger the life not only of the over 300 people living nearby, but also of the future dwellers of the blocks they are constructing.

In a news conference at IPN, Denis Dobrioglo, a dweller of the block from 13/2 Mircea cel Bătrân Blvd, said the dwellers of the two blocks for two years have tried to obtain justice in the dispute with “Braus Imobiliare”. “We clearly see the violations and deviations from the building norms committed by “Braus Imobiliare”. Three blocks are being erected in the immediate vicinity of our blocks and these have over 20 stories. Our blocks have about 15 stories. Imagine that there will be seven blocks with 20 stories each on a lot of 500 or 700 square meters. I don’t know if there is something similar elsewhere in Chisinau,” said the man. According to him, the future dwellers of those blocks also face risks because the buildings are situated at a distance of about 25 meters from the gas container of a filling station.

Denis Dobrioglo noted that in time they filed multiple claims and petitions to the local public authorities so that they find a solution, but nobody did anything. The institutions shift the blame onto each other. The Technical Security Agency said the designing of building documents or their suspension is the exclusive prerogative of the Chisinau City Hall. For its part, the City Hall says the Agency should monitor how the construction works are performed and should suspend those documents.

“Today, the company continues the building works event if the construction authorization expired. I don’t know how this authorization has legal effects without being extended. I cannot explain. It is yet evident that some of the court judges commit abuses. We call on the President of the Republic of Moldova to take attitude. In a state in which the courts of law do not fulfill their duties, the law will never rule,” said Denis Dobrioglo.

Olga Munteanu, president of Condominium Co-owners Association 56/143, said the dwellers have faced this exceptional situation with multiple violations for two years. After the dwellers won the case in the ordinary court, they hoped the Appeals Court will also honorably fulfill its responsibilities and will pass a correct judgment. But it wasn’t meant to be as some of the judges are bribed so that they take decisions in favor of the building companies. The dwellers hope that in the May 12 hearing, the judges of the Supreme Court of Justice will thoroughly examine this case and will shed light.

Lawyer Artur Macovei noted it is inexplicable how justice is administered in the Republic of Moldova. The ordinary court of law ruled in favor of the associations of dwellers, but the Appeals Court held that they didn’t meet the challenging time limit. When the dwellers asked when the time limit started and ended, no one could say exactly. It is a situation when they say that something wasn’t obeyed, but they don’t say what exactly. The dwellers didn’t have a fair trial and a situation of absolute legal uncertainty was created.

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