Dwellers can ask to have heat in block disconnected

The dwellers of apartment buildings connected to the centralized heating system can request the apartment building manager or the person in charge of the engineering system in the block to stop the supply of heat during the day or night or to regulate the consummation of heat depending on necessities, IPN reports.

“Termoelectrica” said that under the contract for the supply of heat, it can stop the supply at the request of the apartment building manager because this is the authorized representative of the consumers and can asks to start or halt the supply of heat only after consulting the dwellers. The company supplies heat up to the main of the block uninterruptedly, throughout the year, but the administration of the engineering system inside the building is the responsibility of the apartment building manager.

According to the heat supplier’s director general Veaceslav Eni, the procedure for connecting and disconnecting consumers to and from the heating system remained the same. When air temperatures rise, the apartment building managers agree with the dwellers the optimal temperature of heat in the system so as to ensure thermal comfort in apartments. The installations of “Termoelectrica” situated in the basement of the block enable stopping the supply during the day and resuming it in the evening, when air temperatures decrease.

“Termoelectrica” supplies heat to 5,678 buildings, 594 of which are budget-funded institutions, while 814 are companies.

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